Playstation 3 Slim: Now In Scarlet Red and Splash Blue, Too


For too long, PS3 has been reduced to its glossy black coloring. But earlier this year, Sony unveiled the new silver version of the Playstation 3 Slim, and now they’ve popped out a couple more choices for you. If you’re years behind and don’t have a “NextGen” console yet, then maybe you start thinking about picking up a PS3 in red or blue.

The new versions of the PS3 Slim are in no way different from their 320 GB black counterpart, so if you were hoping for water resistance or extreme Playstation Network credit card/personal information protection, sorry. This is just an aesthetic makeover for people who need to set their PS3’s apart from all the other PS3’s in the entire world…well, except from the other people with red or blue Playstations.


The consoles come with a matching controller, so that’s a plus. Unfortunately, you can’t have one. They go on sale in Japan on November 17, and there’s no word on when they’ll make their way over to our continent, if they do at all. To make things even worse, the special edition white Playstation 3 slim goes on sale in Australia and Europe November 1. Not here in America, where fat, patriotic video gamers could definitely use consoles in red, white, and blue. Damn you Sony!

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