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After the “Weekly Rant by the Sexually Frustrated” articles were oh-so-well received, I began to receive some questions regarding relationship advice. Funny, I know, considering I am clearly sexually frustrated, but that will be the least of our concerns. Seeing as the world is small and guys are weird and awkward all over the place (as are girls, so guys, ask me questions also), it would come as no surprise if you share the same issues. Read what advice I have to give for “Why Do I Do This To Myself?” after the jump!

Dear Sexually Frustrated,

I used to like my friend Will and everybody knew it, and we were really good friends so we hung out a lot and a few of the times I went to his apartment, I met his roommate Matt. Around Christmas Matt and I started hooking up, Will has a girlfriend and he knows what’s going on, but I haven’t seen him since. I’ve avoided going to their apartment when I know Will will be home because I think that’s so awkward. So here’s the questions we need solved: how do we make this situation less awkward? Who do I make plans with when I want to hang out with both of them?


Why Do I Do This To Myself?

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Dear Why Do I Do This To Myself,

Sadly, this will always be a difficult decision, and trust me, I have been there (back when I got ass). Basically, I went on a study abroad trip with a very small group of people and we were together all the time. For the first half of the trip, I was hooking up with one guy, and for the second half of the trip, I was hooking up with another guy. The 3 of us were forced to always be together. Plus, a girl on my trip liked the second guy I was hooking up with. What’s the best way to describe this situation? Awkward. So I know how you feel.

Your situation is a bit different…from what I understand, you never actually hooked up with Will. This is one of those situations where it will only be awkward if you make it awkward. So don’t make it be that way! Straight up say to Will, “Listen, do you have an issue with me hooking up with Matt?” If he says yes, well then that fucking sucks. Chances are, he will not say “yes,” especially since Will has a girlfriend. Sounds like a standard example of Will being really fucking insecure, and not being able to handle you liking someone else and hanging out with someone else. He knows you liked him at one time and is now uncomfortable that you like someone else.

So basically, cover your bases. Tell Will what’s up by saying you hope this situation with Matt won’t interfere with your friendship, and go ahead and continue fucking Matt. Will really can’t have a problem with it since he has a girlfriend anyway, and you guys can still hang out as friends. If you’re straight up with someone, they can’t rightfully talk smack about you, and he doesn’t want to look like the asshole who said it wasn’t cool for the two of you to hook up.

When you want to see just Matt, text Matt and make it sort of sexy. This way he knows what’s up. When you want to only hang out with Will, say, “Hey bud, maybe we can hang out and catch up at some point?” The “bud” makes it clear you’re just friends, so there’s no confusion there.

Hope this helps!


Sexually Frustrated

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