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So to begin, we’ll have a little roasting sesh for our good pal, Justin Bieber. Justin, how old are you again? This kid is what, 15 or 16? He sounds like an 8 year old Britney Spears on the mic, and let’s be real for a second… even Britney is more talented than this clown (maybe even Lil’ Jon). I’ve sat and listened to a couple clips of his songs, and shit, Justin can really nail love down to a tee. Now although he’s 16 and I’m sure he doesn’t know what love is, I can’t hate on him for this, because after all, the chances of him writing his own songs are slim to none (and on a lighter note, everyone wants to know what love is and feels like right?).

Lastly, I respect little Bieber for being a baby pimp…I guess he could have any girl under the legal age he wanted. But the fact he had to go on record and talk some shit about Mariah Carey kills me. Let me just quote Justin for a second here, “I don’t love her new music, it’s not the same… It’s like Michael Jordan coming back to the NBA. She is past her best.” Mariah Carey has, still is, and will always be more talented than you Justin. So do us all a favor, shut the fuck up, and enjoy the fact that Disney or whatever company decided to turn you into a super star for a few years (you should be grateful).

Bieber’s a clown, we all should know, nuff said. What this all comes down to is the continuing rise of the underground. Since we know that the “Boy Band Era” is officially over, if you want to know what music to check out, look into that new underground fire. Maybe underground isn’t the perfect word to use, but I’m talking about the musicians, bands and DJ’s that play in clubs and smaller venues around the country. I’m talking about those musicians who aren’t selling out but are doing it for the love of music, the people who are still fueled by passion and not the money. Sure, money is always going to be a part of the job, that’s why we do what we do, to earn the money we need to live a fulfilling life. And yes, naturally, these musicians are trying to go big (that’s what it’s all about, giving the world what you have to offer), but at least they haven’t sold out (not yet anyway, and let us hope it stays that way).

The best part of the underground music scene is that you don’t have to wade through all of the songs to figure out which pieces have been chopped and screwed by over-paid music producers who are just trying to find beats and lyrics that will make everyone fall in love. Some shit you’re just not going to like, and other shit you’re just going to love. Maybe this group doesn’t tickle your fancy, but there are guaranteed to be 15 other musicians or groups that you may just fall head over heels for. The world of underground music is infinite in its choices, ranging from rappers, to Indie groups, to folk singers. So fuck the radio. I mean sure, it’s always good to change it up and throw it on every once in awhile, but check out some music driven by love. These people do what they want to do, live the lifestyle of rock stars and always have fun doing it. Fuck stress, we don’t need any stress; we listen to music to feel the release, to let the music capture our heart.

Below I’ve provided some people or groups you all should check out. There is an array of genres, so go through it, maybe light up a Bob Smiley, do what you gotta do, play some of that shit and recognize the talent.

Chop it, and Spin that shit/Little rappin

MSTRKRFT- D.A.N.C.E (Justice Remixed)

o MoonRunners- Feels Like Magic (vs. Daft Punk)

o Sunday Girl- Four Floors (Diplo vs. Sunday Girl)

o Common Market- Crucible (Feat. Geologic)

o Aaron LaCrate- Know How

No genre does justice

o Neon Indian- Deadbeat Summer

o Bang Gang DJs- Light Sound Dance Teaser (Let that shit drop)

o Nightmares on Wax- 195lbs


+ The Tallest Man on Earth- Burden of Tomorrow

+ The Willowz- Repetition

+ Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities- Git

+ Theo Katzman- Brooklyn (check this guy out on his Facebook fanpage)

Well it’s a start for everyone out there. Check some of these jams out, and any other music by some of these artists, they are all very solid. I can continue to do a weekly post on Underground Music, just let me know ConceptU and Campus Socialite fans. One Love everyone.

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