Seven Sex Stats That Should Make You Feel Better About Yourself

The introduction of Josh Rubin to The Campus Socialite won’t be a modest one, it will actually be pretty blunt and to the point. I want facts, statistics, am I the only one that wonders if I’m above or below average in the sack? While you’re frat brother may say he goes for hours, and another may kid that he’s a “2-pump chump” here are the stats too back up what the average person does in bed in America.

1. No matter what your friends may suggest or how Dirk Diggler was portrayed as in the film Boogie Nights; in the United States the average Erect Penis is 5-7 inches long. So don’t go blaming your parents for the circumcision just yet, you may not be as small as you think.

2. If you’re waiting for college to lose it, stop immediately. The average age a male losses his virginity is 16.9 years old, and females to no surprise have a little more patience and wait until 17.4 on average. So if your prom date wasn’t “having it” hit Vegas and pay for it because you’re falling behind.

3. If you did and she didn’t, don’t feel too bad! Women only reach orgasm 29% of the time while dudes hit the big O 75%.

 4. Whether it’s being discussed between your boys over a beer or going over the list with a new girlfriend, what’s average for the amount of people you had sex with? Well if you’re in the teens you could wipe the sweat off your forehead and take a deep breath because the average amount of partners for adults 20-59 are 4 sex partners for women, and 7 for men in their lifetime, or an average night for Tiger Woods.

5. In case you were self-conscious about how long your “sessions” last, here are the facts! The number we’ve all been waiting for how long you go for. The typical session last on average 7.3 minutes, so for the readers who can only relate to seconds that adds up too 438.

6. For the gym rats who worry about their body’s but use sex as their work out for the day, sorry to tell you but you’re not burning as many calories as you may think. For 130-pound women you burn on average 38 calories per session. So unless you’re looking too go for round 2, don’t plan on cancelling your trip to the gym.

7. Real or fake, that is the question. You could believe what you want but statistics have shown that 49% of women have faked it 1 time or another in their life.

So keep your heads up dudes because not everyone is perfect, or average for that matter. So if it’s curved, goes limp, or explodes too quickly just remember – their vaginas only work 29% of the time.

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