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There are many different names for sex positions ranging from doggy style all the way to deep impact… and I am not talking about the movie. Here are a few “Hardcore” sex positions that you should try.

Sex Positions: “The Body Builder”

Men, depending on the size of your girlfriend this position could be a day at the gym for you. Actually, if you are one of those men that claim to bench 300 then you should have no problem. Ladies, get your G-spot ready because this position will give you an intense orgasm.

Sex Positions: “The Cradle”

This position  is good because the guy can stimulate the clitoris while thrusting inside of her. This is also a good position for the G-spot, and the double stimulation will make the orgasm over the top.

Sex Positions: “The Tornado”

I would try leaning up against a wall making it easier to balance. After trying this one for a little while add “The Body Builder” position in there and continue on a kitchen counter.

Sex Positions: “The 70”

This position takes “69” to a whole new level. The gymnast form of oral sex, the girl must be flexible in order to perform a blow job that is pleasurable. I wouldn’t suggest this one while drunk because it could be dangerous. Then again, the more dangerous the better… right?

Sex Positions: “The Plow”

This is a different form of “Doggy Style.” The guy has complete control and a good view. Again, all of these positions are perfect for G-spot stimulation.

Other then the “Hardcore” sex positions there are the normal missionary, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, etc. Don’t get me wrong all of those are fun, but if you want to get a little on the crazy side buy:

Bring new excitement to your relationship. There are millions of different sex positions in this book and while you are experiencing, you might even create a new one.

Good Luck!

Hey all you Campus Socialites, what is your favorite sex position?

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