Today’s Throwback Thursday is a winner. We’ve thought about this a lot and decided to go with some key staples of everyone’s childhood. So let’s cut to the chase. Rev up your memories my friends: we’re about to travel back through time.


Flintstone’s Vitamins

Given the opportunity, I’d still eat these today…like an entire bottle of them. I’m sure they don’t have nearly enough nutritional value for a grown-ass man, but that’s never why you ate them anyway. It was for all that delicious chalky flavor, and for the satisfaction of biting off Dino’s head (for a period of time I ate only the Dino-shaped ones, as if they actually tasted better than the others). That’s why, when mom wasn’t looking, you’d sneak an extra 2 or 3 vitamins in there. When you started getting a little older, mom got you the Flintstone’s for Big Kids, but those just weren’t as good.


Oregon Trail

The bane of any teacher’s existence, Oregon Trail, along with Sim City, would destroy any child’s attention in a matter of minutes. Fuck learning, I’m going to Oregon! It’s Manifest Destiny, bitch! So what if your entire family dies of snakebite or dysentery? All you really wanna do is forge across the river and brutally murder an entire herd of buffalo. I don’t think I ever made it all the way to Oregon, at least not before the teacher peeled my face off of the computer screen.



¬†This comic book-style show was the only Nicktoon ever created for Snick, and featured some of the channel’s most amazing slapstick comedy. The crown gem of all the sketches: “Action League Now!,” which featured everyone’s favorite action figure superheros – The Flesh, Stinky Diver, and Meltman, with the power to…melt! Other memorable cartoons include “Prometheus & Bob,” a show about an advanced alien species trying to teach a half-retarded caveman, and “Life with Loopy,” about a boy named Larry and his weird, imaginative little sister Loopy. You might even remember “Angela Anaconda,” the annoying ginger who later got her own spin-off (she didn’t deserve it, her voice is irritating and the sketch was never funny).

BONUS VIDEO: Check out this Action League Now! episode short for some extra nostalgia!

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