I’m sure we’ve all been in relationships that adults would consider “unhealthy.” You know, the kind of relationship that we see other people in and are thankful it is not us in that situation. We don’t use the word “unhealthy” because we don’t see it like that. No. We use “pathetic.”


The way two people in a relationship act in public is a very good indicator about how strong their private relationship is. There are some qualities that are warning signs for you to run in the opposite direction. Let’s start with the qualities this person possesses around their partner.

Clingy-ness. If you witness a couple come to a public event with a larger group of people and the two don’t separately mingle and speak for themselves instead of “we” statements, you do not want these people in your life. That’s just awkward, and no matter how many other people are around, everyone else is a third-wheel.

Curiosity. One half of said couple starts texting or talking to someone else, and the half that was left behind starts questioning their partner about who they are talking to or what that conversation was about. Think of their relationship as a cat. Curiosity killed the cat, as my roommate reminded me, and their relationship probably won’t last either.

Something important to note at this point: these characteristics happen because of a little insecurity monster called Jealousy. Jealousy is the biggest characteristic no-no a person can possess. If you’re in a relationship with a jealous person, say good-bye to your individuality. You are no longer an “I” but a “We.” You have two families, even if you are only 21, and you’re buying joint gifts for people who may not even be in your life for more than a year (but you think you’re getting married and you’ll be together forever, so what’s the big deal?). Listen: You’re 21. What is wrong with you?

Jealousy is also the leading factor in the way people in these pathetic relationships act when their partner is not around. We’ll start with the Internet. The jealous, clingy, curious partner will blow up their significant other’s Facebook, to remind her/him, their friends and potential threats to their relationship that yes, this person is very much in a relationship. The words “I love you” come out way too early, partially out of necessity to make sure this person does not stray while separated.

Sometimes, when a person is in a relationship like the one I’ve been describing, they’re used to so much attention from their significant other that when they are apart they seek out that kind of attention from someone else.

Cheating is the clingy person’s worst fear. Granted, no one wants to be cheated on, but there is a reason the insecure person always questions who their partner is talking to, because in a lot of cases, emotional and mental cheating is worse than physical cheating. If you cheat mentally and emotionally, you have every desire to talk to this extra person, and you’re forming a secret relationship. If it’s physical, who knows if it was a one-time thing, or if it will become a recurring act.

Then a whole new cycle begins. The clingy-ness now appears to come from the person who cheated and so does the curiosity. It’s the guilty conscience syndrome. Either way, no matter which direction the repulsive behavior is coming from, don’t be afraid to vomit in these people’s face. And then remember to run, because you don’t want people like them in your life.

Realize though, you have to be careful, especially if you catch yourself liking somebody who fits the description we just talked about. Understand if a person acts like this in one relationship, chances are they will do it in a different relationship, say…one with you. Don’t think you can change these people, even if you badly wish you could.

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