By: Eric Michael (University of Miami)

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Since we’ve already passed the Fourth of July, it is unofficially the midpoint of summer. Everyone is now scrambling to try and finish their bucket lists before summer is over. What about some of the other lesser-known commemorative moments, how do we celebrate those? Without further a do, here are some unofficial holidays.

Fuck, Summer is Halfway Over – Fourth of July.

This is a day where we all go to barbeques and watch fireworks with our friends and family. It’s also the day where everyone says, “I can’t believe it’s the Fourth of July already!” Everyone thinks it sneaks up on us every year, but it really doesn’t. We are just too busy enjoying the warm weather and time off to look at a calendar.

The second you hand in your last final – Summer

As you get up from your seat and hand your professor your final, officially it is summer. For those in the working world, the unofficial start of summer is Memorial Day. For those of us in school though, once you hand in that sheet of paper, the partying has begun!

Black Friday – Winter

Most people usually forget about Thanksgiving until it’s actually Thanksgiving morning. No one ever forgets about Black Friday though. Black Friday is the ultimate shopping day where people are punching other customers in order to get that toy for their son at 60% off. The Salvation Army is out in full force already with those annoying bells meaning yes, winter is here.

Summer is over – Labor Day

The last three day weekend of summer signifies that it’s back to the real world, and no more days of hanging out at the Jersey Shore. It’s back to the books and to the desks of our mundane lives until Memorial Day weekend, when we do it all over again.

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