Will Pokémon Sun and Moon Be The Best Pokémon Games Yet?

Ever since Pokémon Go smashed its way onto the digital game field, it’s garnered a lot of attention, both among veteran thumb typers, newbies, and the media. Don’t assume that the original Pokémon adventures have stopped evolving in new directions, however.

With Pokémon in particular, it’s fairly difficult to determine an overall “best” stamp of approval, but you can weigh some of its facets and ideas in comparison to itself. Different people like Pokémon for different reasons, and the Sun and Moon series is apparently aimed at pleasing a broad swath of the video game community.

About Pokémon In General

Before we go too far into the quality of products in relation to Pokémon Go, it’s worth looking back at a bit of the historical context. Pokémon has undergone transitions from comic book to TV show, video games to playing cards, and board games, and it has a strong narrative and physical products list (clothes, shoes, backpacks, household items, etc.) to go along.

Many people relate to the characters in the storyline as well as the actual Pokémon creatures themselves, based on the personalities that have evolved over the years. Depending on the person you talk to, you’re apt to get different versions of why they have connected emotionally with one of the characters … everything from how they were drawn to where they happen to fit in the story line.

About Pokémon Sun and Moon

As far as assessing whether Pokémon Sun and Moon might be the best Pokémon games ever, this is how you’re going to have to approach the question. If you watch the trailers for the game, there’s an introduction to three new characters, and then a vague reference to sun and moon characters.

This seems to be a natural extension of the Pokémon universe and will be an exciting way for current players to dive further into that world. As far as gameplay, graphics, and narrative go, there aren’t a lot of spoilers yet (the game is scheduled for release later this month), so the mystery and secrecy that surround it, for the time being, are going to be a major factor in how much attention it ultimately generates.

About Pokémon Go and the Attention Gathered

Returning to the appeal of Pokémon Go, if you have enjoyed the concept of Pokéballs, and evolving characters, battles, and teams, then you are probably going to celebrate the fact that Nintendo is giving you more to work with.

You can take the draw from the augmented reality aspect of the series and find out more about why that Pokémon world came to exist in the first place. From there you can arrive at your own conclusion about whether the video game series compares well against other things you do.

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