Check Facebook in Stealth with

Surfing Facebook is pretty normal for everyone here at The Campus Socialite. In fact, it’s so vital to our job that it’s listed on our resumes. But if this were an accounting firm, then things would be dramatically different. We interns would have to sneak a peek at our friends’ most recent status updates over our phones to stay plugged in with the rest of the free society.  Yale student Bay Gross understands the need to stay connected, and that’s why he invented

Gross created the app, which enables the user to see their Facebook status updates in something that looks like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. When your boss walks by or is coming to look over your shoulder, you can press the space bar, which changes the sheet to a tab where the Excel cells are filled with numbers. Stealthy. You’ll actually look like you’re doing work!

Note: you actually should do work at your internship, but it couldn’t hurt to see what the Ex Girlfriend is up to once in a while either.

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