Let’s capitalize on the success of The Hangover, shall we? Todd Phillips is bringing the wolfpack back for another hangover, which means another night of debauchery that we’ll never see…This time in Thailand for Stu’s wedding. But where’s Doug in all of this? They spent all of the first movie hunting for their best friend, but why isn’t he invited to this momentous Asian occasion? Hopefully Phillips will spell it all out for us in the few minutes of the film. Read more and see the trailer after the jump.

If you didn’t already hear about the controversy surrounding the movie, Mel Gibson was chosen to play a cameo as a tattoo artist, but was replaced by Liam Neeson when his potty mouth and bad attitude became too much of a liability. Sorry William Wallace, no Hangover-fueled comeback for you! Not only that, but ex-president and notorious playboy Bill Clinton has a cameo as himself. I hope he does his patented “elbow-grab” handshake…I hear it makes you feel like you’ve known him your whole life.

Reality Star Jami Chung also stars as Stu’s fiancee, and I’m sure we’ll get at least one other surprise cameo. Get ready, because it hits theaters this Memorial Day.

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