VCU vs. Kansas AKA Nike vs. Adidas

nike 2011 ncaa basketball sneakers

It’s gotta be the shoes!  Brackets have been all but destroyed, and there was no legitimate formula for picking this years Final Four. Ask Obama, his bracket got torn up like Sasha Gray after a new movie.   And he went with a so called safe strategy of picking all #1’s.  The one thing that did fall into place was that this year’s final four is guaranteed to be an all Nike Final Four. A huge victory for Nike over their sneaker competitor Adidas.  But don’t think that it was a walk in the park for it to be an all Nike Final Four.  Nike has 76.5% of the schools in the tournament wearing their sneaker brand.  Adidas has roughly 17.5 % of the schools in the tournament wearing there brand of sneaker.  Next year I know my selection strategy, go Nike or go home!  Check after the jump to view the squads that got bounced for wearing Adidas, and the images of the sneakers that are going to be worn next weekend.kansas adidas basketball sneaker 2011

Kansas was the last remaining Adidas school. Along with the rest of the country, I just watched them get upset and eliminated by VCU, while destroying any hope I had at winning my bracket this year!  Sons of a bitches, can’t believe they blew it against VCfreakingU, I could taste a championship this year.  Anyways, with that upset, it placed Nike in a very comfortable position.

nike vs adidas sneaker battle

Although most people would think that most of the top tier universities are Nike branded colleges, Adidas has their fair share of strong programs as well.  Adidas schools in this years tournament include:

Bucknell, Cincinnati, Kansas, Long Island U, Louisville, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Michigan, Texas A & M, Wisconsin, UCLA, and Wofford

Simply put this year, Adidas got bounced,and mostly in upset fashion.  Obviously the most prominent being VCU (Nike) over Kansas, but don’t forget about Morehead St. (Nike) over Louisville, Florida St. (Nike) over Notre Dame, and Butler (Nike) over Wisconsin.

Below are the Final Four teams left in the March Madness tournament and their branded sneakers.  Nike…. Just did it.


butler march madness basketball sneaker


kentucky university nike march madness sneaker


vcu nike march madness basketball sneaker


nike uconn march madness basketball sneaker


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