Knocked The F Out! Craziest KO Video You’ll Ever See (Video)



I’ve seen some crazy shit go down in UFC. Even in boxing. But never anything like this. Given the video’s ambiguous title of “UFC wresling Knock Out TKO Muay Thai 2012 no girls pls MEN ONLY.” I have no way of telling you where and/or why this occurred. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dude make a face like that, and frankly, it’s haunting.

Wanna see some real fight action. Check out Friday Night Fights in NYC. Action kicks off tonight.

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The Friday Night Fights 2012 Season Opener is this Friday Night!


friday night fights

You might remember a couple of months ago when I interviewed Justin Blair and Alex Ma, commisioner of Friday Night Fights, the premier Muy Thai fight promotion of New York and one of its best, undefeated fighters. It’s been a long off-season since  I sat in Justin’s office and talked fights for over an hour and got to see Alex Ma increase his record to 4-0 by destroying his way more experienced opponent later that week. It’s a good thing Friday Night Fights is back with a new season this Friday night, and tickets are still available to one of the best shows in town. In New York, that’s saying a lot.

friday night fights

Doors open at 7:30 PM at Hall at St. Pauls on 9th avenue between 59th and 60th. If you live in the city, or Brooklyn or Long Island, or even up in the boonies of upstate (no offense country dudes), it’s 100% worth the trip. Picture yourself in a giant crowd of people, watching two guys kick the shit out of each other, in a ring that isn’t 30 feet away from you at any point. They serve beer too, authentic Thailand beer, complete with authentic Thailand music. And chicken fingers.

alex ma

According to, the main event will be between Alex Berrios (6-2) and Ben Case who’s record isn’t listed. According to the website, “Both fighters are amongst the most technically proficient fighters in North America.” The undercard will also feature some of the best fighters in the states, and if Thailand didn’t happen to exist, probably the world. Tickets are still on sale but I wouldn’t wait. 2011 has more sold out shows than Friday Night Fights has ever had in its years of history. I’m willing to bet that almost anyone who’s ever attended before is trying to snatch up a ticket as we speak. I know I am.

Check out my interview with fighter Alex Ma

My Friday Night Fights overview

And get your tickets at

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10 Athletes Who Should Have Called It Quits Way Earlier



It’s official: Terrell Owens is now on the list of athletes who played way past their prime. It’s sad to witness our beloved stars not know when to just give up. Terrell Owens, coming off a torn ACL injury and desperate for work, proved just that by joining the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. In honor of his new job, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at 10 athletes who were also unaware of when their time was up. As T.O. would say, “Get your popcorn ready,” (it’s apparently national popcorn day).


10. Dikembe Mutombo

Mutombo’s trademark finger wave after every blocked shot, and trust me there were many of them, was by far one of the most entertaining aspects of any basketball game. But 18 seasons of watching him wag his finger over and over again just became downright annoying. In the end, the most dominant defensive shot blocker became a joke by posting pedestrian numbers and jumping from team to team.


9. Junior Seau

After rotting away on the New England bench until the age of 40, Junior should have at least taken the name Senior Seau for being the oldest player on his team by far. A 12-time Pro-Bowler and – time All-Pro NFL Linebacker, this guy was actually really good. Too bad you and I probably don’t remember when this was.


8. Chris Chelios

By no means am I an expert in Hockey, and I never will be. Here is what I do know: being 48-years-old and still playing in the NHL after 26 seasons means you are an old geezer. Luckily Chelios retired in 2010 which means he is due for his AARP card any day now.


7. Shaquille O’Neal

Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics. That was three teams too many, and now we get the pleasure of not understanding anything he says for TNT. By the way, let’s collectively thank Shaq for Kazaam. Where would we be without his great acting abilities?


6. Evander Holyfield

Holyfield most famously lost an ear, and more recently lost his pride by not knowing when to take off the gloves. Speaking of pride, Holyfield was on Dancing with the Stars. That really helps maintain one’s credibility. A four-time heavyweight champion who defeated the likes of George Foreman, Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson; Holyfield had more comebacks than John Travolta. Enough Evander – no more comeback fights.


5. Ric Flair

The Nature Boy debuted as a professional wrestler in 1972 and currently works for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). It’s 2012, and for our non-math majors out there, that’s 40 years of professional wrestling. Seriously this is absurd, and somebody needs to put an end to the madness.


4. Emmitt Smith

The Hall of Famer and NFL’s all time running leader is the epitome of greatness. Too bad he didn’t get the memo once the Dallas Cowboys released him that he was no longer anywhere close to great. Emmitt Smith in a Cardinals uniform was as weird as watching…


3. Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice is unequivocally the best and classiest wide receiver to ever play in the NFL. Unfortunately, he should have never put on a green uniform for the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe Seattle, with all of its rain, is a nice place for athletes to retire (just ask Patrick Ewing, who was close to making the top ten).


2. Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson played baseball for the Newark Bears of the Atlantic League. Hey Rickey, you were once so fine and you once blew my mind but that was a long time ago (to the tune of “Hey Mickey”…sorry). Henderson apparently never heard the word “STOP” before. Whether it was stealing bases or constantly trying to play the game he loved, somebody should have forced Ricky to STOP running and start reclining on a leather sofa.


1. Brett Favre

Do I really need to write anything for this one? If you could not predict Favre would be atop of this list, then you never watched Sports Center during an NFL offseason. Favre’s name is still mentioned in rumors to make a return. Enough said.

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TCS Super Bowl XLVI Dream Matchups


lombardi trophy

The stage is set, with only four contenders for the ultimate prize remaining. We are in the midst of the final week of action before Super Bowl Sunday. Technically the Pro-Bro is sandwiched in between but giving the Pro-Bowl credibility would be as asinine as letting Ray Lewis take your daughter out. All we’re thinking about is conference championships, then Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Superbowl. As we saw with the Packers’ early rounds ousting, there is no chance at any kind of intelligent prediction, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream up some scenarios. Here are the 4 possible Super Bowl match-ups complete with our pre-emptive commentary. We have our preferences of course, but the Super Bowl is like sex with an 8. How bad could it be?

Brothers Brawl (Ravens Vs. 49ers)

harbough brothers

If the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ners earn victories, two fearsome, reckless, and no-nonsense coached teams would be squaring off in a desperate blood bath of a matchup. Whichever team was able to score 20 points (or even 15) first in this defensive contest would most likely hold the Lombardi Trophy. More importantly though this game would be headlined by brothers coaching against one another in Jim and John Harbaugh. No brothers have ever faced off in the Super Bowl making for a classic Hollywood movie script, and epic sports television,  unless of course you are Jack and Jackie, parents of both John and Jim Harbaugh. Memo to the Harbaugh family, there are names available that don’t start with the letter J.

2001 Super Bowl Revisited (Giants Vs. Ravens II)

ravens giants 2001

If the New York Giants win this weekend it cold means a rematch with a fairly recent Super Bowl opponent. New York has a 3-1 record on the bright lights, with their one loss coming against the still surging Baltimore Ravens. New Yorkers would rather not be reminded. The final score in the 2001 Super Bowl was 34-7, an awful display of sport from a team that should have been able to at least score in double-digits. The Ravens also have the all time series lead of 9-2 against the G-Men. A lot has changed. Trent Dilfer is also no longer quarterbacking and instead now rips on quarterbacks for ESPN. Still the Ravens are a tough opponent that can actually contain Eli Manning and his prolific passing game, unlike the Patriots whose secondary is soft as a Tom Brady’s Ugg ads. Expect a lot of drama, a lot of chaos, and hopefully not a true repeat.

Brady vs. Joe Montana’s Ghost (49ers Vs. Patriots)

joe montana

Let me get this out in the open: As a passionate and bitter New York Jets fan… I HATE TOM BRADY! I am sure some of you love the Golden Boy whom I at least respect for winning 3 Super Bowls and more importantly, marrying Gisele Bundchen. Brady Swag aside, fans should be weary of the implications of this matchup. What I mean is how many comparisons to Joe Montana can we actually handle? We know how much Sports Center loves quarterbacks. Personally, I’d like to see more footage of Alex Smith throwing to Verne Davis than Montana throwing to Jerry Rice. Is that too much to ask?

David Tyree Me Please (Giants Vs. Patriots II)

david tyree catch

Yet another Super Bowl rematch for The Giants, and an entire week’s worth of one of the biggest highlights in Football history, on your TV, over and over again. Besides the catch, the game was one for the records. The Patriots were on the verge of having an undefeated season and being named the greatest football team of all time only to lose to Eli Manning, Plaxico Burres, and the G-Men. If the game is close, whichever team has the ball last finding a way to win it at the end. If it looks anything like last time, this game potentially would set record ratings. Even if everyone with a moderate interest watches the Super Bowl anyway.

Just thinking about all of these potential battles has me salivating. Except the one of course. Whatever happens, happens. All I’m saying is who wouldn’t want to see Eli and Brady showdown again, following two typically elite seasons? But like I said before. The championship football is like sex. It may not be the matchup you want and rarely the finish, but are you gonna turn it down?

Early Lines as of Tuesday, according to

-7.5 New England

-2.5 San Francisco

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The 2012 Lingerie Bowl Trailer, Director’s Cut (Video)


2012 Lingerie Bowl Commercial (Extended Directors Cut) from LFL Films on Vimeo.


Given the fact that the Super Bowl (or men’s Lingerie Bowl) matchup this year will most-likely be between two teams stationed barely Southwest of Maine, I can imagine all the people living in the kinds of towns with High School Sports “Complexes” are going to be a little irked. Good thing there’s a sweaty, feisty, tanned alternative for men of all regions at half time. The only event where women of questionable Football skills but amazingly curvy physiques suit up in as little clothing as possible, a couple of pads, and start banging into each other at full force is back. The Lingerie Bowl is here again.

LFL Films just released this Director’s cut trailer and it is both awesome and really sexy. The girls are shown “in uniform” on the magnificent backdrop of the Eldorado Canyon doing what they do best: looking pretty in minimal gear. Plus some raw footage. If you’re not psyched now, you will be after seeing this. Tell your girlfriend to go watch the Puppy Bowl. Then sit back and enjoy.

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Girl Cries Over Packers Losing. Blames Her Fingernails (Video)



Hell of a run, Green Bay Packers. You may have gone undefeated in games you actually tried to win this year, but Super Bowl repeats are hard to come by nowadays. Aaron Rodgers and the boys are taking the loss hard right now over some  Dom P and golf I’m sure, but I don’t think anyone is hurting more than this, for lack of a better term, Crazy Cheese Head-Wearing Bitch. I’m gonna go ahead and assume she couldn’t name 3 players, but she’s sobbing and cursing herself over the color she painted her fingernails and the jersey her friend apparently made her wear. Hate to break it to you sweetie but nobody gives a fuck about the glitter on your fingernails, the fate of professional football contests and the onward progression of the universe especially. Let’s laugh at her “pain.”

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A Shot of Yager: Podcast w/ Sean Keeley of



Sean Keeley the creator of Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician (, the best Syracuse sports blog on the net, drops by to talk every Orange! We briefly touch on the football season that was before talking about the Bernie Fine scandal and Sean’s great coverage of that over the past few months as well as our #1 ranked hoops squad and what lays ahead for Boeheim and the boys. Great podcast for any Cuse fan or any college hoops fan in general as we are discussing the number one team in the country after all.

Follow Sean on Twitter @NunesMagician and follow me @SHOTOFYAGER

Head over to to hear all my podcast interviews including my BEST OF 2011 Show featuring Lisa Lampanelli, Jim Breuer, Kenny Florian, Bethenny Frankel, Chris Cornell, Christina Hendricks and MORE!

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This Chinese Women’s Volleyball Matchup Is Out Of Control (Video)



You thought Hope Solo was an amazing female athlete? You’re about to watch one of the most ridiculous display’s of professional sport that I have ever witnessed in my life. Screw Tim Tebow, because what is happening on this court is nothing short of Divine Intervention. I’m doing my best to try and explain what’s going on this video in English words, but it is futile. Maybe there’s a phrase for it in Chinese. Either way, enjoy the most exciting thing to happen on a volleyball court since Misty-May Treanor

misty may treanor

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Come To The TCS Knicks Viewing Party This Thursday in NYC. Drink Specials, Food Specials, and Giveaways All Night



The Campus Socialite and The Knicks Blog are teaming up to throw the biggest Knicks Viewing party you’ll ever see. It’s happening at Traffic Bar in Hell’s Kitchen and if you’re in the area, own Melo, Stoudemire, and Chandler jerseys, or even if you’re just a dabbler, you need to be there. The best way to watch sports is with your boys so why not watch the Knicks play The Grizzlies with 50-100 other members of Knicks Nation. Drink specials,  food specials, and prizes given out all night.

The event is hosted by Tommy Dee of The Knicks Blog, maybe the biggest Knicks fan and influential personality on the web. Tommy hasn’t gained the big following he has for no reason, so expect anything he attaches his name to to be huge. Anthony Donahue of Knicks Blog Radio will also be doing a live radio show from the event itself. If you’re a Knicks fan and unfamiliar with the two of them, this is your chance to get with the program.

new york knicks 2012

The event is sponsored by Coors Light which is good for us and you. Free Coors will be served throughout the entire 1st quarter. That’s 12 full minutes of play to get a buzz going. After that you can get a pitcher for $12, a bucket for $15, and a bucket of wings + a bucket of beers for $30. Mixed Drinks and Sangria are $5 if you’re into that sort of thing. Either way there will be cheap alcohol, cheap food, and a sea of Knicks fans to enjoy the game with.

carmelo anthony knicks

The event is also sponsored by and Draftstreet, and all of our sponsors will be giving away items through free entry raffles all night. The giveaway items are hush hush at the moment, but I’ll give you a hint: an authentic jersey with a word that rhymes with “Bellow” and the same number used in a movie starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman is a strong possibility. You can’t go wrong with free shit.

If you’re an NYC Knicks fan or even just a general basketball fan, head to Traffic Bar in Hell’s Kitchen this Thursday at 7:00 for good times by all. The Super Bowl might be weeks away but that doesn’t mean sports aren’t always better with a party. Seeya there.

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Compete Against TCS and The Knicks Blog In A One-Night Fantasy Free Roll



If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new way to play fantasy basketball that turns the season long grind into quick hitting one-night leagues, that let you win cash, every single day. Draft a team for one night of games and get paid out as soon as the games end that night. The opportunity to win big without the stress of a full season. is at the forefront of this new trend in the fantasy world and to start the season off right, they are giving us an amazing promotion: a FREE one-day fantasy league with $200 in prizes, exclusively for readers of The Campus Socialite and The Knicks Blog.

money girl

This free contest will be salary-cap style drafting where everyone tries to assemble the best team out of the available players and you can draft at any time, at your convenience. You will have a $100,000 budget to build a team of 2 forwards, 2 guards, 2 centers, and 2 utility players. Each NBA player has been assigned a price based on their expected fantasy performance and with the games being played that night, there is no shortage of star power. If your looking for Knicks players, Amare is going for $16,392, Melo for $16,912, and Chandler for $11,539 in their game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Monta Ellis, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay and our old boy David Lee are all on the block as well. The whole January 12th schedule is below.

knicks carmelo anthony

The best part? Myself, Daniel Caufield, and all the guys here at The Campus Socialite plan on playing as well and nobody is taking it lightly. We have a reputation to uphold so if you want any chance to contend, you’re gonna need to put the time in. Roster research, matchup analysis, injury reports, the works. Our fans are some of the savviest Basketball guys around so the competition will be stacked.

Have what it takes? Sign up for the Draftstreet Fantasy Free Roll right here. The action starts Thursday January 12th at 7:00pm ET at which time your rosters will lock and the Live Scoreboard will be available.

January 12th Sechedule:

Bobcats @ Hawks 7:30 PM
Pistons @ Bucks 8:00 PM
Knicks @ Grizzlies 8:00 PM
Cavaliers @ Suns 9:00 PM
Magic @ Warriors 10:00 PM


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