Compete Against TCS and The Knicks Blog In A One-Night Fantasy Free Roll



If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new way to play fantasy basketball that turns the season long grind into quick hitting one-night leagues, that let you win cash, every single day. Draft a team for one night of games and get paid out as soon as the games end that night. The opportunity to win big without the stress of a full season. is at the forefront of this new trend in the fantasy world and to start the season off right, they are giving us an amazing promotion: a FREE one-day fantasy league with $200 in prizes, exclusively for readers of The Campus Socialite and The Knicks Blog.

money girl

This free contest will be salary-cap style drafting where everyone tries to assemble the best team out of the available players and you can draft at any time, at your convenience. You will have a $100,000 budget to build a team of 2 forwards, 2 guards, 2 centers, and 2 utility players. Each NBA player has been assigned a price based on their expected fantasy performance and with the games being played that night, there is no shortage of star power. If your looking for Knicks players, Amare is going for $16,392, Melo for $16,912, and Chandler for $11,539 in their game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Monta Ellis, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay and our old boy David Lee are all on the block as well. The whole January 12th schedule is below.

knicks carmelo anthony

The best part? Myself, Daniel Caufield, and all the guys here at The Campus Socialite plan on playing as well and nobody is taking it lightly. We have a reputation to uphold so if you want any chance to contend, you’re gonna need to put the time in. Roster research, matchup analysis, injury reports, the works. Our fans are some of the savviest Basketball guys around so the competition will be stacked.

Have what it takes? Sign up for the Draftstreet Fantasy Free Roll right here. The action starts Thursday January 12th at 7:00pm ET at which time your rosters will lock and the Live Scoreboard will be available.

January 12th Sechedule:

Bobcats @ Hawks 7:30 PM
Pistons @ Bucks 8:00 PM
Knicks @ Grizzlies 8:00 PM
Cavaliers @ Suns 9:00 PM
Magic @ Warriors 10:00 PM


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Kicking N Streaming: Podcast w/ UFC Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Winner Court McGee



Talk about a dude with an inspiring story, Court McGee defied the odds and went from a recovering drug addict to Ultimate Fighter Season 11 champion in less than five years. Court talks candidly about his early-life troubles, how he got through them and how they continue to affect his outlook on life today. Court talks about how he got his start in MMA, what it was like on the show, his time in the UFC since and his upcoming battle with Constantinos Philippou in Australia on 3/3/12. This is an interview that should be interesting and inspiring even if you are not a big fight fan.

Follow Court on Twitter @Court_McGee

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The Sexiest Giants Fan You’ve Ever Seen (Video)



This video is 9 months old already, but we won’t hold it against our friends at BroBible, who posted it earlier today. I mean, how can you get angry while peeking at that massive underboobage? The Giants killed it yesterday, and us New Yorkers are hoping for another trip to the Super Bowl, and Ms. Meena can motivate us all the way to glory and climax…I just went there.

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Everything LSU vs. Alabama Other Than Football

LSU-Alabama BCS

You can search the web for countless numbers of sports stories regarding tonight’s highly anticipated showdown between LSU and Alabama. Here at Campus Socialite though, we wanted to take a slightly more intriguing approach at breaking down the event. Anybody can predict who is going to win. Instead we will tell you who should win based on our unofficial awards using computer-based rankings for each school (sound alarmingly familiar). Here is a rundown of both SEC schools and how they perform in the most crucial categories.


Best Mascot

Mike, the LSU Tiger mascot, was not on his A-game the last time these two teams squared off in November. Unfortunately the LSU mascot could not handle his excitement during the pregame as he trampled over his own cheerleaders right before the match during warm-ups. Not the best first impression.


Big Al on the other hand is a funny and fun loving looking elephant. It is curious to note that the school’s nickname is the Crimson Tide, so it’s rather puzzling why they are represented by an elephant. Apparently Big Al got his name when a fan in the 1930’s screamed “here come the elephants,” referring to the all-mighty football team. It was a catchy enough nickname back then and stuck so the mascot remained as an elephant.

Tough choice as both mascots have provided entertainment over the years but running into your own cheerleaders, as opposed to the opponent, is not a winning move Charlie Sheen would approve. Big Al is pretty cool with his huge nose (I am Jewish after all), so for that he earns round one.

Winner: Alabama


Best Head Coach

First off, Les Miles has an awesome nick name: “The Mad Hatter.” Second, he eats grass. While of course you or I would never do this, it makes for a pretty hysterical ESPN commercial. Lastly, he is the leader of an undefeated LSU Tiger Squad that has already beaten Nick Saban this season in a field goal fest 9-6.

The Alabama coach has the combined personality of Bill Belichick and Newt Gingrich, which equates to a total asshole. Nick Saban is certainly successful and at the top of his craft just like the other two guys previously stated, but he is not exactly the type of guy I would want to go grab a few drinks with. Many can argue that Saban is the better coach, but at least Miles has never failed in the NFL (Ask Miami Dolphin fans their opinion of Nick Saban).

Winner: LSU


Best Food

LSU, known for its Cajun food, has tons of great places to dine. Restaurants such as Raising Cane’s, Louie’s Café and The Great Wall are just a few of the many classic places students enjoy stuffing their faces in.

Alabama also offers southern style specialties that students cannot get enough of. Local establishments such as Buffalo Phil’s, Crimson Café, and 15th Street Diner are amongst the favorites in Tuscaloosa.

Both offer excellent choices of food, and this is a close call, but the fact that LSU is home to New Orleans-based cooking such as jambalaya, shrimp, and of course fast food favorite Popeyes gives LSU the slight edge.

Winner: LSU


Best Alumni

Famous LSU Tiger Alumni include Vice President Hubert Humphrey who served under Lyndon B. Johnson, Political Commentator James Carville, Shaquille O’Neal, and the dude who created The Sims computer game.

Members of the Crimson Tide family include legendary football stars Joe Namath and Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, author of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, and the dude who co-founded Wikipedia.

Both have famous alumni but in this case advantage Alabama. The school has a longer history of tradition and excellence in terms of famous people who have contributed to society. Roll Tide.

Winner: Alabama


Best Cheerleaders

Ever heard of the phrase a picture tells a thousand stories? Not worth analyzing, just enjoy the pictures of the cheerleaders and I will let your imagination decide who should win this battle.

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Tim Howard, An American Soccer Goalie, Scores A Goal! (Video)



In what was supposed to be a night all about Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, a guy who’s primary responsibility is to keep goals, kicked a ball so deep that it actually scored one. I’m the furthest thing from a huge soccer fan, unless it happens to be World Cup season, but I’m being told this is an absolute freak occurrence. Only 4 goalies have managed a cross-field score in English Premier League history and this is just the 2nd one by an American. Whether you have love for the sport or not, this is something to see.

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Dennis Rodman Throws His Hat Into The Women’s Topless Basketball Ring


Batman vs. the Joker, Happy Gilmore vs. Shooter Mcgavin, Stone Cold vs. the Rock and Dexter vs. the Trinity Killer are just a few examples of classic rivals facing off in our life time. Get ready to add another to the list; Dennis Rodman vs. Rick Cabaret. Dennis Rodman will be selecting strippers from the Headquarters Gentleman Club in New York City to form a team to compete against Rick Cabaret’s strip joint. Though this is not just any team he is organizing. He is creating a squad consisting of topless strippers to play 5 on 5 in a charity basketball game. This probably is not what you had in mind in terms of epic showdowns, but nevertheless, it should be highly entertaining. Like the Jersey Shore you will tune in, you will watch, and then judgmentally stare at your reflection in the mirror.

It may surprise you that Rodman has never been known for his class and this one sure isn’t helping his image. But do you really think at this point in his career Rodman cares anymore what people think of him than when he was putting leopard spots in his hair for NBA games? Let’s at least give him some credit for being an entrepreneur, glorified pimp, and yes, head coach.

While disturbing, it’s to be expected from none other than Dennis Rodman. If any other athlete was holding tryouts for a topless basketball team we would frown or be disgusted. Rodman though is in his own league in terms of weirdness. This is the same man also known for wearing a wedding dress, hairstyles with more colors than a Crayola Box, and having more body piercings than the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (very good movie by the way if you haven’t seen it.)

If Dennis Rodman is actually going through with this idea, which we highly endorse if for no reason other than pure amusement, we have a couple of suggestions to spice this event up even more:

  1. If the girls would like a familiar face in the crowd, invite porn star Ron Jeremy. If he can’t make the event, settle for Orlando Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy.
  2. If Lebron James is in attendance, the girls can only play for 3 quarters because Lebron won’t show up for a 4th.
  3. Kim Kardashian can definitely arrive with any man of her choosing, but if Kris Humphries shows up, he better be prepared for boos.
  4. Lastly Walt Clyde Frazier should announce the telecast calling the girls prolific, effervescent, and of course, moving and grooving.

We were starting to miss hearing Dennis Rodman’s name in the news, so it’s nice to have him back in the ex-athlete soap opera. Stories involving crazy athletes such as Mike Tyson, Metta World Peace (the artist formerly known as Ron Artest) and of course Dennis Rodman are headlines here at Campus Socialite we dream of coming up with and cannot avoid discussing. For that we are eternally grateful and hopefully you are too.

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Everybody Hoops 2012 Talks NCAA Basketball (Podcast)



Part 1 was all NBA. Part 2 is all college hoops, as Brian as I dive right into Big East talk, breaking down SU’s season thus far and who poses the biggest threat the dethroning the number one team in the country. We also get into the other conferences and what other dominant teams are in the same category as the Orange, dissecting a couple different contenders in the Big Ten. If you liked Part 1 you will love Part 2! EnjoY!

Check out Part I of the podcast where we go over the NBA, right below.

Follow us on Twitter @SHOTOFYAGER

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Jason Taylor’s Final Locker Room Speech Almost Made Me Like Him (Video)



I hated him as a Miami Dolphin, I briefly liked him as a New York Jet, then hated him, then hated him again as a Miami Dolphin. As illustrious a career as Jason Taylor has had, a sure thing for first ballot Hall-Of-Fame honors, he gets absolutely no love here in New York. So, you can imagine my dismay when I almost cried watching his last ever locker room speech, the one he made right after officially knocking the Jets out of playoff contention (right before their 8-8 record and the Tennessee Titans knocked them out regardless). Anyway, I suppose even as a die hard fan, it’s ok to appreciate a dude who’s had a hall-of-fame career that has finally come to an end. Right?

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The Comprehensive 2011-12 Guide To The NBA on Social Media via Peter Robert Casey


nba season 2012

Despite all the Lebron-related nonsense of the 10-11 season, the 11-12 NBA season might be the most anticipated in Basketball history. Players have been moving from team to team like Sorority girls at a Frat Party, Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace, and a lockout shortened season means a whole lot of action in a relatively short period of time. As an admitted late 90’s, out-of-market Bulls fan, I can honestly say I haven’t been this excited since Michael Jordan gave up on Baseball.

michael jordan baseball

A season of this kind of competitive magnitude means story lines, story lines, and more story lines. Everyday changes in momentum, every day new drama, and every day something to talk about. You sure as hell can’t watch every game so the only way t0 keep up with the chatter is to make Social Media your bitch. That’s why Peter Robert Casey has published the 2011-12 NBA SOCIAL MEDIA INDEX.

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I must have just followed 20 new accounts in the last 5 minutes, a personal record (1st day on Twitter not withstanding). This guide literally has every single Twitter account, every single blog, and every single beat writer associated with NBA basketball. That means every single piece of NBA-related information that enters anyone associated with the league’s knowledge could be your information within minutes. These days, being a sports fan isn’t just about being able to argue. It’s about being able to compete. Here are all the tools you need to be Bar Stool champ, and I’m not talking about the blog.

Check out the 2011-12 NBA SOCIAL MEDIA INDEX right here

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The Oregon Ducks’ Nike Pro Combat Rose Bowl Uniforms Are Next Level


nike oregon ducks uniforms

It’s being called the most advanced uniform system ever assembled, and that’s just the physical attributes. The Nike Pro Combat system uniforms that will first be used for the Rose Bowl are not only the next level of sports technology. They look incredible. I just read everything there was to read about the new Oregon Ducks Uniforms and let me tell you, we are talking about some exciting, futuristic, space-age shit. This could, scratch that, this will be huge.

oregon ducks nike uniforms

Being based in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike has a long standing relationship with the Oregon Ducks and it makes sense that they would be the first team allowed to experience the amazing innovations Nike Pro Combat has to offer. They also happen to be one of the most elite teams in the league and at the pinnacle of player development, so it is fitting of course that their players should wear the pinnacle of in-game dress development as well.

oregon ducks nike uniforms

Nike Pro Combat’s most important innovation is the creation of Nike Chain Maille Mesh, an homage in name to the chain linked, lighter-weight armor worn by soldiers in medieval times, and functionality-wise, Nike’s creation is not too far off. The material is a light-weight, breathable material that allows players to reach new heights in speed and endurance, while at the same time providing the protective abilities of a suit of armor. Not literally of course but close enough. The mesh also features improved thermoregulation, keeping players from sweating and dehydrating without sacrificing durability.

oregon ducks nike uniforms

The uniforms feature 11 different materials from shoulders to legs, and 16 including helmet, gloves, and the entire system of dress. Each material is specifically developed to serve it’s specific placement and purpose, providing the entire uniform a maximum potential for efficiency. The base layer has also be redesigned to provide strength and flexibility, along with strategically placed vents and cooling zones to prevent heat-related distractions.

oregon ducks nike uniforms

Of course, Nike might be known for technology and innovation but in the spectator circles, they are also, if not more-so, known for design. The Pro Combat system is no exception to Nike’s reputation for sports gear that feels, behaves, and looks amazing. The Jersey numbers are bigger, bolder numbers that shift in color as they move. The shoulders are embroidered with an armored wing design that is both sick looking and practical. And last but not least, the new helmets will feature a LiquidMetal Black finish that has never been seen on any field. The helmet will appear to be mirrored while emphasizing the wing design on either side and the Oregon “O” at top-center.

The Jets may be just short of mathematically out, but it looks like I have one more Football-related event to look forward to this season. And it’s not Rex Ryan firing Brian Schottenheimer.


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